Another way to add movement to the water, and therefore increase the amount of oxygen, is to add a cascade or water feature to the pond.  OASE are the leading manufacturer of true solids-handling filter pumps, and have just released their innovative 'Aquamax Eco Premium' range. Adding a fountain can also improve the water quality, as it will help oxygenate the water. In order to avoid these problems, Water Garden recommend that their customers use the right sort of pond pump.water-garden. Water Garden do not recommend pumps which contain a sponge, as these have a habit of clogging up, and require frequent cleaning. Solar power has come a long way in the last few years, becoming more affordable and most importantly, more suited to somewhat variable UK weather conditions!  Some of the pumps offered by Water Garden can be directly connected to suitable Solar Panels. Luckily, Water Garden are happy to provide advice and perform calculations on behalf of their customers. Water Garden also offer a wide selection of decorative fountain nozzles, which can be added to the pump outlet to create wonderful water displays. Suitable pumps include the' Aquamax Filter Pump,' 'Aquarius Universal' or 'Aquarius Fountain Pumps' can be used, as well as lower cost alternatives. Garden and pond specialists Water Garden Ltd are advising customers to choose the right sort of pump for their pond in order to keep it looking its best. OASE provide an excellent solution with their 'Aquarius Fountain Pumps'. This type of pump is usually submerged directly onto the pond floor and the large holes on the pump shell allow solid waste to be sucked up and caught by a filter. For this purpose, fountain pumps are available. In order to keep a pond clean, it is important to use a specialised filter pump (also known as a solids-handling pump). Ponds and fountains can be a wonderful addition to the garden landscape, providing an interesting focal point, habitat for wildlife and China Used Concrete Pumps Manufacturers plants, and a pleasant tinkling sound. These are incredibly energy efficient and designed to tackle pond waste, 24 hours a day. These have lots of small holes, which stop pond debris from blocking the fountain nozzle. This can be important for the health of fish and other aquatic organisms.   It is very important to use the right type of pump, as one with small holes will clog up with debris. A more environmentally friendly solution to keeping a pond at its best is to use a solar-powered pump. With the warm summer weather, people will inevitably be spending more time in their gardens. Unfortunately, hot summer weather can also cause problems for garden ponds, such as rapid algal growth, murky water, unhealthy fish and unpleasant odours. Although the choice of pump is more open in this case, it is important to remember that pumping water uphill through a hose means that some of the water flow is lost. Furthermore, the company can provide options for storing the solar energy for use when you need it.

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